Stable View Venue is a Wedding Venue in South Africa. It is conveniently situated in a small town called Hekpoort. The venue is  beautifully nestled between the richly wooded Magalies Mountains for an exclusive private experience.

Our amazing venue can seat up to 150 people whom can all enjoy the breathtaking views, consistently blue skies and the sun set silhouettes of the mountains.

The entire venue was built using the frame of what use to be an old stable, we then refurnished it using reclaimed wood which in turn gave this spectacular building its character and sense of mystery.

This is us

The stable

An old horse stable re-designed to host the perfect rustic warm wedding. Filled with warm hanging globes and wooden tables to create character to help shape your perfect day. 


A mini replica of The Stable built as open as possible to make beautiful nature a part of your wedding day. It has an open view to capture the beauty of the Magalies mountains and all the space around it.

The Bridal suite

The bridal suite is a special room reserved for the bride and her attendants to get ready for the wedding, and it will end the day with the same feeling as it started: a warm, rustic feeling fostered by mountain views and open space.

Our Couples

A showcase of different newly wed photoshoots conducted by our in-house photographer.

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